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Club History


 Founded in 2012 by three visionary St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute students – Bradley Kreppel, Nicholas Courtney, and Connor Rosenecker – the International Microloan of Buffalo (IMB) emerged from a desire to enact positive change and support those in need. With invaluable guidance from Mr. Robert Kreppel, Bradley's father, the IMB began its journey toward humanitarian impact. Following administrative approval, the trio developed innovative fundraising strategies to kickstart their microloan initiative. Partnering with the international organization Kiva, meaning "Unity" in Swahili, the IMB gained access to a framework for processing microloans ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. Since its inception, the IMB has become an integral part of the St. Joseph's community, having loaned approximately $245,000 to deserving recipients worldwide by March 2024.

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