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Learn More About Us     and Our Services

The International Micro-Loans of Buffalo (IMB) is a nonprofit organization within the St. Joseph’s community, we are financially autonomous from St. Joe’s but we continue to rely on its supportive and fraternal environment.

IMB is steered by a team of five dedicated student members, ranging from sophomores to seniors, alongside three experienced adult leaders. Our mission extends beyond offering financial assistance; we are committed to providing invaluable real-world business experience to our student members.

Through our efforts, we empower struggling entrepreneurs both globally and locally by disbursing small loans. These funds serve as catalysts for new ventures, enabling recipients to establish sustainable sources of income. Upon repayment, the funds are reinvested into new recipients, perpetuating a cycle of empowerment and economic growth.

The impact of our micro-loans is far-reaching, with recipients utilizing the funds for diverse purposes, from launching new businesses to investing in agricultural advancements and supporting local labor.

Join us in our mission to create meaningful change and foster economic resilience in communities worldwide. Together, we can make a difference, one micro-loan at a time.

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