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March Newsletter

The past month has been a very successful one for IMB, with over $2,000 loaned out since the beginning of February. We are excited to continue this success into the spring of this year. IMB looks forward to helping entrepreneurs all over the world achieve success and recover from poor economic situations. One of these entrepreneurs is Hernando.

Hernando is a farmer with over 30 years of experience who lives in Columbia, South America. We have loaned out over $300 to him to help purchase potassium and calcium-enriched fertilizers for his crops. 

The beginning of Spring represents change and progress. The IMB hopes to progress further towards our new goal of $300,000 loaned by the beginning of 2026. Recently we reached our goal of a quarter of a million dollars loaned out. We hope to help other entrepreneurs like Hernando with our loans and make a real change in the world. Please consider donating to help us achieve this goal. Our team thanks you for your continued support of International Micro-Loans of Buffalo. To donate or learn more about our mission visit our website (  For any questions regarding our organization please email us at ( Happy Easter from the IMB!


The International Micro-Loans of Buffalo

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